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mytrip writes: "Slashdot recently ran a story about Google's failure to update Urchin(

Google Inc. is set to roll out new features to its Google Analytics service and beta of a new version of the Web analytics server software from its acquisition of Urchin Software two-and-a-half years ago.

Google Tuesday is set to announce that site search and event tracking features will be added to its Google Analytics software within the next few weeks.

The site search tool is designed to apply Google-like features to searches of internal Web sites, said Brett Crosby, senior manager of Google Analytics. The search tool will allow Web site operators to identify keywords, categories, products and trends across time and user segments to help companies measure the effectiveness of the site and marketing efforts, he added.

The new event tracking feature will help companies more accurately measure how visitors are using interactive Web site elements like Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), JavaScript, Flash movies, page gadgets and other multimedia tools, Crosby added."

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Google to Update Urchin

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  • I can't imagine how they could make it any better than it already is. Can't wait to see what cool new features they come up with.

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