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Submission + - Comcast Cable Law Enforcement Handbook

Vicissidude writes: The role of telecommunications companies in intelligence surveillance is under increased scrutiny as the Bush Administration seeks to shield the companies from any liability associated with their cooperation in what may be illegal warrantless surveillance. As part of that scrutiny, a copy of Comcast's Comcast Cable Law Enforcement Handbook was recently obtained by Secrecy News. The cost of your privacy and the privacy of all Comcast customers? Upon lawful request and for $1,000.00, Comcast, one of the nation's leading telecommunications companies, will intercept its customers' communications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The cost for performing any FISA surveillance "requiring deployment of an intercept device" is $1,000.00 for the "initial start-up fee (including the first month of intercept service)," according to the manual. Thereafter, the surveillance fee goes down to "$750.00 per month for each subsequent month in which the original [FISA] order or any extensions of the original order are active."
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Comcast Cable Law Enforcement Handbook

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