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Submission + - Man hacks 911 system, sends SWAT on bogus raid. 5

An anonymous reader writes: The Orange County Register reports that a 19 year old from Washington state broke into the Orange County California 911 emergency system. He randomly selected the name and address of a Lake Forest, California couple and electronically transferred false information into the 911 system. The Orange County California Sheriff's Department's Special Weapons and Tactics Team was immediately sent to the couple's home. The armed officers surrounded the home.Inside the home lived a couple with two toddlers who were asleep and unsuspecting of what was going outside the home. The SWAT team handcuffed the husband and wife before deciding it was a prank.
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Man hacks 911 system, sends SWAT on bogus raid.

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  • pwnt.
  • Does this mean that someone could theoretically actually delete or edit a 911 call?
  • Who are these genius kids wasting their lives away? Why aren't they working for a big company somewhere, being the on-site guru in an office full of computer illiterate working-class folk? There are so many kids like this on the internet squandering their abilities for silly (and highly illegal) purposes. Where are the parents?

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