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communitycontent writes: Some of the bad odors that we can find in the houses have their origin in constructive defects or deficiencies in the maintenance , and are the ones that we are going to see next.

In this entry I will not refer to other types of bad smells that we can have at home but are more related to our customs or routines, such as the smell of tobacco, the smell of cooking certain foods or burned food, etc.

Bad smell in the bathroom: Where does it come from?

The presence of bad odors in the bathroom is one of the most common queries I receive.
This presence of bad smell can occur continuously , for long periods throughout the year, or accentuate in certain circumstances, for example when it is hot or when it rains .

In many cases the consultation that comes to me is due to the presence of "pipe", or "sewer" smell in the bathroom.

This odor, so recognizable, is usually caused by one of the following reasons:
1.Lack of siphon in the bathroom or breakage or jam.
2.Lack of individual siphons in appliances when there is no siphon canister in the bathroom.
3.Installation of individual siphon in appliances when there is already siphon in the bathroom.
4.Lack of sealing in the connection of the toilet to the drain or in the toilet support on the floor.
5.Breakage or cancellation of the downpipe ventilation pipe.
6.Lack of syphonic pool in the building or jam in the building, if necessary.

The different appliances that we usually find in bathrooms (toilets, toilets, showers, bathtubs and bidets) must be connected to the downpipes of the building to be able to evacuate the water used.

Toilets provided Have their own hydraulic closure and always have to connect them directly to the nearest fecal drain .
The other devices can also have their individual siphon, but currently the most common is to connect them to a siphon boat .
That is to say, generally in a bathroom we will find on one side with the toilet, which has its own siphon of hydraulic closure and is connected directly to the drain, and on the other hand with the other appliances, which will connect all to A siphon boat .

Another circumstance that can cause bad smells in the bathrooms is the lack of sealing at the connection of the toilet with the downspout .
The lack of sealing generally occurs at the toilet joint with the downstop connection sleeve , and may be due to an error during the execution of the installation or to the deterioration of the sealing gasket over time.

This causes that in each discharge of the toilet a little of dirty water is lost by the junta, causing the bad smell.
Over time, it may also occur that, owing to these losses, Sealed in the toilet seat on the floor And even the fastening screws.
When this happens in addition to the bad odor usually appears some rest of water and matter from the leak in the area of support of the toilet on the ground.
In this case the best solution is to call a plumber to replace the board (unless one is very handsome And dare with it, of course).
If the problem is the loss of sealing in the toilet bowl on the floor we can replace it ourselves, using silicone or white cement .
Ventilation of the downspouts.

Another relatively common cause of odors is the rupture or cancellation of the downpipe ventilation pipe .

When a discharge occurs, for example from a toilet, the water can completely occupy the section of the downpipe, forming a hydraulic piston .
This hydraulic piston, when advancing down the downspout, can draw water from the hydraulic closures on the plants through which it passes, breaking the seals and facilitating the entry of bad odors into the bathrooms and kitchens.

The best way to avoid This effect of hydraulic piston is to provide ventilation to the downpipe , ie ensure that there is a supply of air to the downpipe that prevents a vacuum forming after the advancement of the hydraulic piston, when water falls through the downpipe.

The traditional solution, especially in buildings not very high, has been to extend the downspouts to the deck , leaving them open at the top to allow air to enter.
When it comes to a walkable flat roof it is necessary to extend the drain at least 2 meters above it, to avoid that the bad smells affect the users of the terrace. In the rest of decks it is enough to extend it 1.30 meters.

Another common solution has been use ozone air cleaning products and the oversizing of the downspouts, which, when having more section than the one strictly necessary to evacuate the water, prevent the formation of pistons.

This solution is nowadays allowed for buildings up to 11 floors.
In some buildings, however, when constructing them, a network of ventilation pipes was available parallel to the downpipes and communicated with them.
This solution, called secondary ventilation , is mainly used in high-rise buildings.

Well, sometimes it happens that a neighbor, when remodeling his bathroom, finds the ventilation pipes next to the downpipes and decides, at his own risk and to gain some space, to eliminate the section of ventilation pipe that passes For their dwelling .
This is a mistake that not only affects him but also causes bad odors in The bathrooms that depended on that ventilation pipe.
By eliminating the possibility of ventilation in the downhole facilitates the entrance of bad odors to the bathrooms and kitchens connected to the same since pistons can be formed that break the hydraulic closures of the apparatuses.

It is sometimes possible to remedy these malfunctions by installing a larger capacity siphon canister , so that it has enough water to maintain the hydraulic seal in spite of the absorption caused by the piston.
Another possible solution is the installation of ventilation valves .

However, the best way to deal with this problem, when it happens, is that it is faced by the community of building owners, since the best solution is always to repair the damaged ventilation system , and the downpipes of the building are a common element of it .
If one of the neighbors has removed a section of the ventilation pipes when making a reform, the community of owners must require that it replenish that section and restore the installation to its original situation.
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Make Your Apartment Smell Brand New

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