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Submission + - Schools Placing at 99th Percentile for Cheating 3

theodp writes: "Time reports that sometimes No-Child-Left-Behind really means No-Test-Scores-Left-Behind, creating opportunities for data forensics firms like Caveon (check out their Ten Most Wanted Cheaters poster). Take Houston's Forest Brook H.S., which was a shining example of school reform. In 2005, after years of rock-bottom test scores, 95% of its 11th graders passed the state science test. Teachers were praised and the school was awarded a $165,000 grant by the governor. But an investigation found a host of irregularities and last year's testing was monitored by an outside agency. Test scores plunged and only 39% passed science."
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Schools Placing at 99th Percentile for Cheating

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  • According to TFA, Newsweek reported it, not Time.
  • One of the concerns often voiced about NCLA is that it would force teachers to teach to the test, rather than to what's really important.

    This is worse: they don't even seem to be teaching to the test. They just went straight for cheating.

    I don't know of anyone more victimized by the law of unintended consequences than G. W. Bush. (This isn't a random anti-Bush rant. His administration pushed for this law.)

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