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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - 40GB PS3 will NOT be backwards compatible! (computerandvideogames.com) 2

gevmage writes: "An article on computerandvideogames.com says that the 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 console, which will supplant the 60GB version (at least in Europe) will not be backwards compatible. From the article: 'In a new eye-opener from Sony the company's revealed that it's to drop backwards-compatibility support in PlayStation products.'

Personally, I think that Sony's generally good attitudes about backwards compatibility has been one reason that I own a PlayStation 2. If they dump that completely, then I may go Wii shopping."

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40GB PS3 will NOT be backwards compatible!

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  • The major reason the PS3 has had such a high cost is because of the backwards compatibility, not the blu-ray as many speculate. The hardware in the PS3 is radically different from the former architecture and in making the PS3 backwards compatible Sony faced a lot of increased costs. If dropping the backwards compatibility drops the price for the PS3 enough to make it affordable, I'd keep my PS2 right along beside my shiny new PS3 in a heartbeat.
    • I think it'd be safe to assume the vast majority of PS3 owners have a PS2 as well, so dropping the backwards compatibility would only be an inconvenience insofar as having to plug your PS2 back in. Sure, that can be annoying, but if it'd allow a significant price drop on the PS3, I'm all for it. It's like getting paid $150~ or whatever to plug your PS2 in. Fair deal to me.

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