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Submission + - FAA's Drone Registration Requirement Unjurisdictional (techcrunch.com)

drinkypoo writes: Various sites including Techcrunch are reporting that the US Court of Appeals has found that the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t have jurisdiction over what the law classifies as model aircraft, meaning that their UAS ("Drone") registration database is currently dead in the water. As per TFA:

The court argued that the drone registration database violates 2012’s FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which states that the body, "may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft."

The Academy for Model Aeronautics issued a statement on the subject to members via email today, signaling their hope that this is a good sign for other ongoing legislation affecting UAS and model aircraft pilots:

Today's ruling also bodes well for our pending court challenge to the FAA's interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (also known as the Interpretative Rule). That petition, which AMA filed in 2014, is currently before the same Court that today rejected the FAA's registration rule and affirmed the strength of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, otherwise known as Section 336. This gives us hope for our continued fight against the Interpretive Rule.

The FAA is expected to appeal the decision.

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FAA's Drone Registration Requirement Unjurisdictional

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