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mirandakatz writes: As the recent debacles at Uber, Thinx, Zenefits, and GitHub have made abundantly clear, HR departments are not coming close to serving the needs of employees. Indeed, the institution of HR as a whole is more or less broken. At Backchannel, Karen Wickre writes that "We’ve all had disappointing encounters with HR people who don’t seem to grasp a wrongheaded management policy or the damage a problem employee can do. And if they do understand, they often can’t express it to non-HR people...This leaves the rest of us shortchanged, and so all too often we want to avoid bringing HR into a brewing situation." Something has to change—and Wickre has a few suggestions for how to get the ball rolling.
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How HR Is Failing Employees

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  • by bagofbeans ( 567926 ) on Friday May 19, 2017 @10:41AM (#54448371)

    HR departments are not coming close to serving the needs of employees

    HR serves the need of the employer, who pays them, not the employees.
    If you'd like a little evidence, consider whether HR is interested in raising employee salaries or lowering them.
    When there's an HR legal issue, such as harassment, HR's job is do what's necessary to protect the company image and the most senior employee(s) involved, not necessarily in that order.

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