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EFF Proposes Simple Alternative for RIAA and P2P

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  • I actually read this plan a few days ago. I am not quite to fond of it. It will create an unshakable monopoly (where do all these $5 payments go to get processed?) without doing any good (paying the artists). The recording companies will still absorb all the profits and leave the artists with pocket change.

    Instead of addressing the broken copyright system, this plan will ensure that the RIAA will have a steady income for an indefinite future (which, at the moment, I certainly don't think they deserve).
  • >The money collected gets divided among rights-holders based on the popularity of their music.

    So all I have to do is use an army of bots to appear to share my music and I get a big cut of this money? I can do that.

    >A collective licensing regime for file-sharing can promise $3 billion in annual profits to the record labels--more than they've ever made.

    No, that's $3B before payments to artists. Still good money, but it's not $3B profit.

    >How do we get filesharers to pay up? That's where the market c

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