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Submission + - Are Video Game Schools What's Wrong? (gamecareerguide.com) 2

J Duffy writes: "GameCareerGuide.com just posted an expose by a self-proclaimed "game development school dropout," a woman who enrolled in a game program only to leave within a few weeks, horrified at what students were asked to do in their time there. What's really shocking is that she uses her experience to talk about how women and "grown ups" are gated from entering the video game development industry. http://www.gamecareerguide.com/features/435/i_am_a_game_school_.php Enjoy!"
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Are Video Game Schools What's Wrong?

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  • So basically a woman over 40 who has no passion for games, has a tough time with game school so all of the sudden we are some young nerdy boys club? Duh.

    Game development is 100% passion 50% obsession and 50% programming ability.
    Now if you understand ironic math, that means there is a minimum of an 80 hour "work week" in store for most (if not all) "successful" game developers.

    Bitching that a 40 year old woman can't hack it in game school is like bitching that all the good rookie draft positions in ba
  • Being one a game Dev course myself I completely agree with the first post, it isn't an industry that you can expect to just flounce in on the basis that you have a degree and nothing else, you need to have create loads of passion and a portfolio as tangible evidence of passion/talent. We were told that it isn't easy, we were told that there would be crunch (which by the way isn't just a leftover of the old skool games hackers, it's simply because it's incredibly hard to judge how long it takes to write sof

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