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Hugh Pickens writes: "MIT Technology Review reports that in the aftermath of pro-democracy protests, Burma's military rulers have physically disconnected their country from the internet:

Last week — after images of the beatings of Buddhist monks and the killing of a Japanese photographer leaked out via the Internet — Burma's military rulers took the ultimate step, apparently physically disconnecting primary telecommunications cables in two major cities, in a drastic effort to stop the flow of information from Burma to the rest of the world. It didn't completely work: some bloggers apparently used satellite links or cellular phone services to get information outside the country.
One Burmese blogger reported last week that "Myanmar main ISP has been shut down by so-called "maintenance reasons" and most of the telecommunication services have been cut off or tapped. ""
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Burma Shuts Down Internet

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  • I find it interesting how quick we are to push democracy onto the middle east, at great expense to not only ourselves, but also to those who we are 'helping', but when a populace makes an unrefutable pro-democratic statement like what took place in Burma, we leave them out to dry. A chance for our governing to redeem themselves lost, and a potentially fruitful democratic state hacked down before...fruition.
    • There's plenty of reasons for the US to focus on the Middle East and not Burma:
      • Middle East has oil, we like oil
      • Much of the Middle East is run by militant dictators, when was the last time you saw people in Burma chanting "Death to America"?
      • Middle East has Israel, we tend to like them and not let them get destroyed like some countries, cough Iran, have said they want to
      • Most people in the United States have also heard of countries like Iran, Iraq; not many have ever heard of Burma.
    • by rob1980 ( 941751 )
      Make the UN deal with it. We're too busy trying to extract ourselves from an entirely different pile of shit to go overthrow another government at the moment.

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