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Submission + - Police issue Death Threats to Man with Camera 9

An anonymous reader writes: Cops in St. Louis have taken objection over a local man filming their abuses of power, and have responded with death threats, and stalking. The guy they're harassing installed a pretty neat video system in his car after having received a speeding ticket that he that was unfair. What he ended up catching on tape was far worse than a speeding ticket. Luckily the news has picked up on it, so he is probably out of immediate danger.
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Police issue Death Threats to Man with Camera

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  • Wow... that's hard to believe. I know cops get called out a lot, but how dumb do you have to be to get caught on tape for this shit?
  • so turn the tape into someone higher and higher until someone gives a crap and starts firing those cops. Eventually it will be on CNN and/or in the supreme court but it'll probably get dealt with lower than that
  • ... that if any cops out there find themselves hating this guy for recording his interactions with police, because he needs to protect himself from them, then the last thing they should do as police officers is turn in their badge. Such thinking would represent a clear indicator of a mindset fundamentally at odds with their job description; to serve and protect the citizens of the community they represent.

    There is no place in our police forces for individuals who are in the job so that they can abuse the
  • I don't find this story surprising whatsoever. I've been abused many times by the police of Baltimore, MD, including having my car impounded and being forced to walk two miles to my home with a broken back (I had been in a recent near fatal car accident, and only left my house when out of groceries for 3 days), after being laughed at and humiliated by the cop and his buddies. Also, immediately after my car accident, which occurred in VA., I asked the state cop investigating the scene for a witness list. I
  • It works both ways, you see. If you film everything, you've got *everything*. Now, I know the US hasn't got anything like this, but in the UK under various laws anyone operating a CCTV system is required by law to provide copies of the tapes to anyone that asks for them that has got reasonable cause for wanting to have them - basically if you appear in shot you can ask for a copy of the tape. If the CCTV operator doesn't give you a copy (they can charge a maximum of £10 for it), then they get massi
  • Listen carefully how he starts the conversation... to me he was looking to be harassed. And no surprise, those who don't like COPs are not friendly to them for a reason...

    Moving his car, it was to get it out of the way while they check him out. Would be kind of stupid for an officer to let him back into the car to move it.

    Didn't like one comment from an officer, but after dealing with idiots all day...

    Maybe listen again and see what I missed...

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