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Submission + - Apple's aims to stop second-hand iPod trading (cnet.co.uk) 4

An anonymous reader writes: CNet is running a story that highlights how Apple's apparently generous offering of free iPod engraving, is actually an effort to curb any resale of used iPods. This stops any second-hand trading and forces buyers to seek brand-new models, full-price, directly from Apple. One commenter notes that this engraving also voids any option of replacement iPods through AppleCare.
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Apple's aims to stop second-hand iPod trading

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  • Right, and Apple is really a front company for the CIA. They are using covert analysis of iPod usage patterns to identify subversives and terrorists.
  • The engraving mine has says: "No user replaceable parts"

    I guess the soldered battery wasn't enough to make me shell out for a new one...
  • CNet is running a story
    CNet is not running a story. It is hosting a blog post by Nate Lanxon. There's no claim made, just pure speculation and "gut feeling".

    Nothing to see here. Move along.
  • I don't think Apple makes them last long enough to really worry about the resale market making a dent in the new iPod market.

    I had a 60gb iPod photo, but the HD crapped out on me long before it's usefulness did (but after the apple care warranty ran out). Apple builds them like they are disposable, considering you can't even open them to service them, not even the battery.

    I think the reason they offer free engraving is to appeal to the people who want to wear it as an adornment. Apples advertises the iPod

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