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Submission + - New scam or just a really bad work policy? 4

greymond writes: I recently received an email from a recruiting company for a Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing position. While I have my resume available online as well as pieces of my portfolio I didn't find it at all strange to receive this initial email. I hadn't responded by the afternoon when I received a call from a lady named Pyra who asked me to send her my latest resume because they were very interested in hiring me. I asked about the positions pay since the job title and position seemed like it would be a lot lower pay grade than my current Art Director position I now hold. She said she would inquire about it, but to please send my resume.

Now here is where it gets strange...I sent my resume off (note: my resume has only my name, number and email listed in it — no address) I then received this email asking for my Social Security Number. I found this to be VERY odd as no one ever has asked me for that, save the human resource manager of a company who has already hired me. When I told her I would wait until the interview to give it to them, I was then sent this email which had this letter attached to it. I responded with the same response and needless to say I haven't heard back from them.

Oh and in case my bandwidth gets blown up, the recruiting company was Agneto and the company they were hiring for was supposedly AT&T. So, is this really just a new elaborate scam or just a really bad new business policy?
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New scam or just a really bad work policy?

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  • I remember working for AT&T and providing my SSN during the application process... but of course, I always went directly thru AT&T/Cingular and they had an automated process which took the information. Since you can never be too careful, Could always try contacting the HR dept. for AT&T directly and confirm if that is their policy in regards to outside agencies. They may even be able to verify if the temp agency in question is one who they have a working relationship with.
  • The emails you were sent contained a "bill 1618" message. See []

    Is it a scam? Yes, if for no other reason than that.
    • Totally agree. If the sender was a legitimate enterprise, then they would have no compulsory reason to verify that to you. Also, asking for your social security number via email is a bit unorthodox to begin with.
  • Yes it's a scam.

    Companies should only request your SSN as part of the background check (If required), which should only occur at the end of the hiring process. A background check will typically only happen after the company gives you an offer letter. If you look, the offer letter will often say something like "This offer is contingent upon a background check". During the Background check, they usually ask for more then just your SSN-- they ask for drivers license number, past aliases, your mailing address,

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