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Submission + - Why The GPL Will Lose In Court Every Time 1

talledega500 writes: An interesting comment on the potential first GPL case in terms of legal remedies available and also an analysis of the overstepping of software licenses in general due to the notion that people can fashion whatever license they want and yet somehow expect existing law to back them merely because there was a license. If you read this story, you must take out the trash, kick your dog and slap your wife. Or you are in violation of my General Public Nuisance License (GPNL). Dont make me take you to court!
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Why The GPL Will Lose In Court Every Time

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  • ...due to your repeated failure to understand the difference between arbitrary EULAs and OSI licenses. EULAs *take away* rights that everyone has with fair use, whereas copyleft *grants additional permissions* that end users are normally not granted. Anyone with GPL code is *completely free* to ignore the license, with the understanding that they are instead bound by standard copyright law. And in that case, they *are not allowed* to incorporate GPL code into their project, any more than a writer is allowed

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