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An anonymous reader writes: ponders on whether or not it's better to get a Mac over Linux. The author writes, "Then again, I have to come back full circle and ask myself — do I really 'need,' or even want, OS X over a pure Linux box? Under the hood, it's basically the same thing, which is a hat tip to Apple. Incredibly secure and simple to use. Personally, the most compelling reason to use this OS would not be for iTunes. It would also be for the fantastic applications designed to make video editing a breeze. Is this something I really want to do on a notebook? If I went MacBook Pro perhaps, but it's really more of a desktop sort of a task for an iMac, I think. I don't know yet, it does seem like OS X is looking better all the time. I can hammer out scripts like I do in Linux fairly easily, and now, thanks to VMWare Fusion, I can even use my beloved Evolution PIM where Entourage is not a great replacement for me. Maybe it's time to upgrade my notebook after all?
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Linux vs. Mac: Should I Get a Mac?

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  • To begin with, linux, mac and windows are all staring me in the face right now. And I have issues with the functionality of all three. I haven't delved into the cryptic depths of the UI on any of them, I'm reasonably capable of using any of them. The mac has an elegant UI, the keyboard shortcuts are amazing under the mac.. Safari can increase font size on the fly, and do it really nicely, firefox does it well on some web pages, and kinda botches it on others. Sure I've seen some safari resize nightmare
    • You're having trouble with getting sshd to run? It isn't that hard. Either you use the GUI to enable it, and stick with the default configuration, or if you really need to customize the config a lot, you leave that alone and use the standard unix methods with Fink.

      Also, what programs are bringing your mac to its knees so frequently? Since you mention a scroll wheel, I assume you have one of the more recent macs that shipped with a mighty mouse. I've yet to experience scrolling lag on one of those machines.
      • Safari Brings my machine to its knees(sure I have Itunes and Email running in background). sometimes its the pinwheel, sometimes the mouse just sticks in place.. This morning the mouse froze for 2 minutes, but the keyboard was still alive. If they both stop for more than a few minutes I just wince and reboot. I swapped to a das keyboard and microsoft mouse to rule out hardware, the problems persist. It shouldnt be having issues, it's a 2.66 ghz core2 with 3 gigs, and the nvidia 7600 24" imac.

        As far a

  • For many people what's under the bonnet of Linux and Mac really won't be the driving question cause they're both reputably solid.

    If you're looking for a laptop you should decide whether you are one of those special people who actually "need" a laptop. I personally find the Apple laptop hardware to be well designed, both aesthetically and practically, although you will pay more than many PC manufacturers - but not always by much.

    If you're looking for video editing, Mac is the of course the best option

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