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Submission + - Google results invaded by .cn domains

vcygnus writes: "Today I needed to acces my guitar's truss rod, so I went to Google in order to search the way to acces it and make some adjusts.

I searched for "ovation tangent 357 truss rod" and Google came out with only three possibly useful results at the top, followed by seven results from .cn domains, featuring nonsense titles and descriptions made of random words.

I didn't care too much about it, so I went to the next results page, but there they were again. A whole page full of those useless .cn domains. Went to the next page, and the next one, and so on. I was on page 95 (10 results per page) and every single page lacked of results from domains other than .cn

I also found out the URLs of the results (those in green, before the "Similar pages" link) contained invalid characters such as U+FF0E and U+FF43, which render as characteres identical to "." and "c", respectively, but not the standard "." (U+002E) and "c" (U+0063) characters. i.e.: d39[\uff0e]1xacb.[\uff43]n/ (visually,

Seems like all of those domains were registered early this month.

Yahoo and Altavista behave in a similar way with the same search keywords, but they give only three result pages. Microsoft Live Search does not show any of those .cn domain in their results, though.

What could be the goal of spamming a search engine? To avoid the visitor to find what he/she looks for? Those are just randomly named domains and they don't sell or advertise anything."
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Google results invaded by .cn domains

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