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Submission + - Success in getting a Dell Windows 'tax' refund.

Jeffrey Harmison writes: "I bought a laptop (Inspiron 1501) from the Dell Outlet store a few days ago. I wanted it exclusively for Ubuntu (for my studies at Ohio University as a Masters Student) and had no choice but to get one with Windows (they don't offer other choices currently in this area). Tonight, I successfully obtained a $70 refund from Dell because I informed them (prior to delivery) that I was going to decline the EULA. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend this straight forward approach to anyone considering running only Linux on any systems purchased from the Outlet store (which btw is a good deal).

8:46:04 PM System An agent will be with you shortly.
8:57:18 PM System Supreet Chahal has joined this session!
8:57:18 PM System Connected with Supreet Chahal
8:57:29 PM Supreet Chahal Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Service Chat.
                                        My name is Supreet. How may I help you?
8:57:43 PM Supreet Chahal Hi, Jeffrey.
8:57:47 PM Jeffrey Harmison hello
8:58:33 PM Supreet Chahal How are you doing today?
8:59:03 PM Jeffrey Harmison my laptop should be delivered tomorrow and I would like to start a case file now on the subject of getting a refund on the windows xp home part of the my order as I will not be agreeing to the eula...and will not be using windows at all
8:59:39 PM Supreet Chahal I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I am glad to assist you.
9:00:58 PM Jeffrey Harmison what is process for this request? should I send back the windows media once it arrives?
9:02:09 PM Supreet Chahal Jeffrey, Please allow 1-2 mins
                                        while I check the details of the account.
9:02:13 PM Jeffrey Harmison ok
9:03:03 PM Jeffrey Harmison I was not given the option of getting a system without windows in this case....the outlet store did not offer non-os or ubuntu systems....only xp and vista were choices....neither of which I want
9:04:34 PM Supreet Chahal Jeffrey, I have checked your account details and see that the order has been shipped out of dell and is estimated to be delivered to you on the 09/25/2007
9:05:12 PM Jeffrey Harmison that sounds right according to the emails I have received
9:05:14 PM Supreet Chahal As I understand you correctly, you are not satisfied with the Operating system of the system. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
9:06:18 PM Jeffrey Harmison when I turn it on for the first time, I will decline the eula and leave the media unopened....what is the next step here then?
9:06:49 PM Supreet Chahal This concern needs technical assistance. I apologize, being in customer care, I do not have technical expertise. I suggest you speak with our Dell Consumer Hardware Warranty Support as they would be able to assist you better with this.
9:07:43 PM Jeffrey Harmison this is not tech support....it is a return /credit question......
                                        not technical in nature.......the eula says I am supposed
                                        to contact OEM for refund if I decline the eula
9:08:04 PM Jeffrey Harmison I so request a refund
9:08:12 PM Jeffrey Harmison don't need tech support help
9:09:29 PM Supreet Chahal Jeffrey, operating system swap is not possible,
                                        however as a customer care gesture
                                        I can offer you a credit of $70.00.
9:09:38 PM Jeffrey Harmison I'll take it
9:10:39 PM Supreet Chahal I understand that you have accepted the offer for $70.00
                                        hence I am processing the request for you.
9:10:52 PM Jeffrey Harmison Thanks...I will wait
9:11:09 PM Supreet Chahal Please allow me 2-3 minutes as I process the request for you.
9:11:55 PM Jeffrey Harmison Ok
9:12:37 PM Supreet Chahal Jeffrey, May i have the complete name on the account?
9:12:41 PM Jeffrey Harmison Jeffrey Harmison
9:12:58 PM Supreet Chahal Also,Could you please confirm if your e-mail address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com?
9:13:05 PM Jeffrey Harmison it is
9:14:09 PM Supreet Chahal Thank you for the confirmation.
9:16:39 PM Supreet Chahal Thank you for your patience.
9:18:07 PM Supreet Chahal For your convenience I have processed the request for the credit
                                        of $70.00 in your account and the money
                                        will be credited in approximately 8 business days.
9:18:23 PM Supreet Chahal Your reference number is xxxxxxxxxxxx.
                                        This is for your convenience. I assure you that I will follow up
                                        on the credit status and keep you informed.
9:18:52 PM Jeffrey Harmison Will this credit be refunded to my credit card
                                        used for the purchase?
9:20:19 PM Supreet Chahal Yes Jeffrey, the credit will be posted to your Visa account.
9:20:37 PM Supreet Chahal Is there anything else I may assist you with?
9:21:29 PM Jeffrey Harmison Thank you very much for your assistance....
                                        you have been very helpful. Please inform your supervisors
                                        that I will be destroying the windows media
                                        so it will not be used elsewhere.
9:21:39 PM Jeffrey Harmison Thanks again. Jeffrey
9:21:55 PM Supreet Chahal Are you satisfied with the level of services
                                        provided during the chat session?
9:22:08 PM Jeffrey Harmison very much so....have a nice evening
9:22:10 PM Supreet Chahal Thank you for using Dell Customer Service chat
                                        to resolve your issue today."
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Success in getting a Dell Windows 'tax' refund.

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