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Submission + - New Attorneys Fee Decision Against RIAA 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA has gotten slammed again, this time in Oregon, as the Magistrate Judge in Atlantic v. Andersen has ruled that Tanya Andersen's motion for attorneys fees should be granted. The Magistrate, in his 15-page decision, noted that, despite extensive pretrial discovery proceedings, "when plaintiffs dismissed their claims in June 2007, they apparently had no more material evidence to support their claims than they did when they first contacted defendant in February 2005....." and concluded that "Copyright holders generally, and these plaintiffs specifically, should be deterred from prosecuting infringement claims as plaintiffs did in this case." This is the same case in which (a) the RIAA insisted on interrogating Ms. Andersen's 10-year-old girl at a face-to-face deposition, (b) the defendant filed RICO counterclaims against the record companies, and (c) the defendant has recently converted her RICO case into a class action"
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New Attorneys Fee Decision Against RIAA

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  • Most everyone already knew that settling for a few thousand is worth it, versus the incalcuable time and money and headaches of fighting the RIAA extortion racket. So while I'm glad a single judge was able to figure it out eventually, will this case really have any significant impact upon future threats from the RIAA?

    Without some explicit legislation (a law) that protects citizens fair-use rights, paired with reasonable copyright protections, I just can't imagine any court procedings fixing our societal

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