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Submission + - UK Lawyers Are Shutting Down Blogs Left and Right ( 7

zarloq2 writes: Craig Murray's site, along with several other UK-based political blogs have been shut down in response Usmanov's lawyers putting pressure on his webhost.

Here's an excerpt from the blog:
Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, is badmouthing Alisher Usmanov, the billionaire Russian steel magnate attempting to take over Premier League club Arsenal (UK football club), because he wants to sell you a book he wrote about his experience in that former Soviet republic. It has become clear today, however, that whatever Murray is attempting to sell, Usmanov and his lawyers do not want anyone to buy it.
According to Tom Dunmore at, Craig Murray's web site was taken off line today after sustained pressure on Murray's web hosting provider from Schillings, the London law firm representing Usmanov. What's more, Schillings has also managed to put the kibosh on political site Bloggerheads three days after Tim Ireland wrote this piece on Schillings' cease & desist letters.

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UK Lawyers Are Shutting Down Blogs Left and Right

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  • It is a shame to think they fought WWII on the side of the angels, but now have fallen for the lure of the dark side.
    • by Haeleth ( 414428 )
      Despite the sensationalist headline, this is nothing to do with fascism, or even censorship -- the government is not involved. This is a simple case of a rich and powerful man, believing that he's being libelled, getting his lawyers to send cease-and-desist letters to web hosts, who decide that they're safer complying. It happens in America too, you know.

      I know mindless Britain-bashing is popular on Slashdot these days, because ZOMG TEH BIG BROTHAR IS WATCHING U!!! and all that, but honestly, this is gett
    • This has nothing to do with England. Lawyers transcend countries;)
      • Lawyers use laws. The fact that lawyers have the right to sue and close down blogs over statements like this IS an act of an Authoratitive government. In a more liberal/free government, the laws would NOT allow someone to shut a website over crap like this.

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