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Submission + - MS: Xbox Live to Hit 10M by June '08 (

GamePimp writes: "We've added a new Xbox Live member every 8 seconds," says MS. Microsoft recently sent out a list of Xbox 360 and Xbox Live statistics, many of which are simply regurgitated. There were some interesting tidbits, however. Xbox Live has passed the 7 million member milestone and is on track to reach 10 million members by the end of June 2008. Xbox Live members have spent more than 3.2 billion hours playing games on the online service and have unlocked more than 600 million Achievements (creating a total combined Gamerscore of more than 14 billion). There have been 2.5 billion game sessions hosted since the launch of Xbox 360, with more than 5.6 million hosted each day so far in 2007. MS also said that nearly 70 percent of all connected consoles have downloaded and played Xbox Live Arcade titles.
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MS: Xbox Live to Hit 10M by June '08

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