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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Major Linux hardware donor entangled in red tape (

christian.einfeldt writes: "James Burgett of the Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Berkeley, California, calls himself a "fat tattooed freak," but CNN has called him a hero for his efforts to get 16,000 Linux computers to those without a computer or the means to easily get one. But now, Boing Boing is reporting that James the hero is in danger of being fined out of existence due for storing parts for too long; or, more exactly, not being able to prove how long he has had been storing each and every item in his warehouse-sized inventory. O'Reilly Radar columnist Dale Dougherty suspects that it is an overzealous new inspector out to prove her cred. Meanwhile, James the hero, who is crusty and known for salty language, ain't taking to the shut-down kindly, and, for the first time ever (he says) is now asking for the open source community for help with publicity, logistics, and yes, cash."
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Major Linux hardware donor entangled in red tape

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