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Submission + - SPAM: Fixing Windows Media Player Working Issue

intelliatlas writes: When I tried to run Windows media player, I was immediately greeted by a message that, your Windows media player has stopped working, with the options either to close the program or report the issue. After this, in order to check I tried to open another program, but I was able to open them and close them after using. But Windows media player was the only program that wasn’t loading. Nothing was happening there; even I was not able to close the program.

Windows media player was completely not working, I even tried hiding the icons, it flashed but nothing happened after that. I thought to uninstall this program, but the uninstall page was not loading. I tried running scans to fix the solution, shut down and restarted and again I tried to install Windows media player. But unfortunately, nothing worked.

I had a Toshiba, running Windows 7 Home-premium with 64 bits, and there were no error codes, I was able to see. At that moment, I needed a reliable expert’s assistance so that I could use the application. I had a person who could help me, but I had doubts, about perfectly resolving the issue.

I still tried to seek the help from my office colleague, who was a software developer. She told me that she didn’t have any idea, but asked me to check the official website of Microsoft.

Using the idea, I logged on to [spam URL stripped] and read the information over there. I used Microsoft Windows 10 phone support number to get the help. As I called, the executive responded to the call. I asked him the way which could help me to resolve Windows media player working issue.

He helped me and informed me about Microsoft Windows online support tool, which was just developed to resolve the issue of a Windows user.

This way I resolved Windows media player working issue was all reliable and effective. And now I can play the video of my choice easily. This will even prove to be helpful for you as well if you come along to face such issue.

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Fixing Windows Media Player Working Issue

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