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1/3 of men do not wash hands after using restroom

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  • by gurps_npc ( 621217 ) on Monday September 17, 2007 @03:09PM (#20640965) Homepage
    The reason why you are supposed to clean your hands is the basic assumption that the part of your body you touched to 'aim' the pee is not clean. By touching it, it is assumed that you will some how infect your hands, and thus dirty them.

    Now, if you are a reasonably clean person, that part of your body should actually be CLEANER than your hands. A healthy man's pee is sterile and that part of your body should only touch clean underwear besides your hands.

    Hands however tend to be VERY dirty/germy. They touch things that other hands touch, and touch some of the nastiest things around (Computer keyboards are vile things).

    Yes it is illogical. But it is part of our culture that you are supposed to clean your hands after going to the bathroom. It is a good idea to do it for that reason only.

    • So it seems like it would actually make more sense to wash your hands before using the toilet, not after.

      Of course, the other problem is that going to the restroom doesn't always mean just #1. If you're doing #2, then you have all kinds of nastiness exiting your body, and then you use your hand to wipe down there. Sure, most of it goes on the toilet paper, but it's possible for some to miss, and get on your hand. This is how e.coli gets spread at restaurants supposedly: employees not washing their hands
      • by GuyinVA ( 707456 )
        Actually, it would be a better bet that because of the conditions the penis is in, bacteria would thrive. Think about your man parts in you underwear: no ventilation, sweaty, warm. hard to imagine it would be clean.
    • http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a4_220.html/ [straightdope.com]

      Oh, and if you still don't care about this, at least have the decency to completely skip the sink. None of this ON/OFF thing with the water without your hands even getting slightly damp. Man up and walk away. Fake handwashers make me sick.
  • Do you hold your monkey there when you pee? Then yes, wash your hands. Everybody who shakes your hand, high-fives you, uses the door handle/keyboard/whatever else you touch after that does not want secondhand contact with your penis.
  • I would rather not shake hands with you or have you pass food to me. Oye.
  • ...the other 2/3 manage to avoid urinating on their hands.
  • I'm sorry, but I see this all the time at work, and it really is gross. Whether or not you piss all over your hands, it is generally accepted that the area down there isn't clean, and filled with germs or depending on your habits, disease, and that you should wash your hands after you touch yourself down there, not just to keep yourself from getting sick, but to keep others in your office from getting horrible diseases from your nether regions......I wonder who that person was just so I can avoid that pers
    • You see, this is exactly what I am talking about.

      BTW, I always do wash hands, unless sink is broke, I am just playing devil's advocate here. Sarcasm sometimes does not come out well in text.

      No, this is my point. "This is really gross" and "generally accepted". I am sorry, but I think I would be more worried about catching the cold or flu germs from your keyboard than from someone touching an area that was just cleaned well that morning and has not been exposed to the elements all day.

      Once again, playing dev

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