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Submission + - Microsoft loses EU antitrust case

fredrikv writes: The European Union court in Luxembourg ruled against Microsoft on most points in the long-running antitrust case and ordered the company to change its business practices, reports BBC and others. Microsoft was ordered to share communications code with rivals and to sell a copy of Windows without Media Player. The court also upheld a $613 million fine — the largest ever levied by EU regulators.

"The court observes that it is beyond dispute that in consequence of the tying consumers are unable to acquire the Windows operating system without simultaneously acquiring Windows Media Player," the ruling said. "In that regard, the court considers that neither the fact that Microsoft does not charge a separate price for Windows Media Player nor the fact that consumers are not obliged to use that Media Player is irrelevant."

The court threw out just one small part of the European Commission's ruling, which had established an independent monitoring trustee to supervise Microsoft's behaviour. The European Commission immediately said it welcomed the ruling, without giving details.

Microsoft can appeal the decision to the EU's highest court, the European Court of Justice, within two months.
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Microsoft loses EU antitrust case

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