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Submission + - Hey Anyone working on this?? Anyone?

pentalive writes: "Somebody Please do this.

Just to help — I retain NO rights to this idea It belongs to whomever implements it first (if it can even be done...) I am more of a system administrator, not the Sith Coder I would need to be to do this.

Someone make a hypervisor that can boot my system and give me a menu of available virtual machines to run. Upon choosing a virtual machine, run that machine but also wait and see if I press a key combination to indicated I want to either A) Start another virtual machine or B) Close a running virtual machine. (I prefer Alt-Sys Request)

The hypervisor should be able to run a virtual machine setup by one of the "Big Players" like Virtual PC, BOCHs, VMware. In fact you should be able to create new virtual PCs while running a guest OS.

I know I could just run windows 2k or something then run Virtual PC on top of that — but I want to save resources for my running virtual PCs not have them hogged up by the host OS.

Anyone working on this? Anyone want to work on this?"
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Hey Anyone working on this?? Anyone?

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