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impish500 writes: "I have run in to an issue wit Windows Vista and CDs that have been burned. Apparently CDs that have been burned under Vista will NOT show up as readable by any other OS. Why Microsoft would choose to do this is completely insane. How can anyone share files with other Operating Systems (Mac OS X or Linux OSes), if the other OS'es cant even read the disc. I have a MacBook running OS X (10.4.10), the disc showed up as unreadable by my computer, not even File Salvage (by Sub Rosa Soft) could recover anything (I got an error showing that two blocks back-to-back were bad). I found out which OS the friend had used, loaded my copy of Vista and the CD showed up fine. Vista security problems are bad enough, but damn, not allowing another OS see the disc as readable is absolutely INSANE!!!"
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Vista CD Burning....

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  • That said, when you insert the blank CD, you need to choose the option "Make this CD readable by all computers." If the dialog isn't showing up (because you blindly chose the other option and clicked "Don't ask me again", for example), you can go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> AutoPlay to change the settings.

    Next time take a minute to search for your problem before whining on Slashdot.
    • I've never used Vista, but what kind of stupid "default choice" decision is that? What filesystem does Vista use on CD's then so that it's unreadable on other systems?
    • The post was not for any one to help me with the issue. I was just ranting on how crappy Vista was put together (even after the 5 year delay...) The disc didn't show up as blank, it showed up as unreadable.

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