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Submission + - Creative Labs' Vista driver team feeling stressed? ( 2

regular_gonzalez writes: "While the X-Fi's issues under Vista have been widely reported, that doesn't prevent a flood of complaints pouring into the Creative Labs website, posted for all to see. What is more surprising is the employees' responses. A sampling:

# The drivers will be released when we are good and ready and happy with them
# Bitching like a 5 year old won't magically solve all our problems on the drivers.
# Call us hopeless and whatever else all you like, noone else is going to fix these drivers but us, demoralizing us won't bring it faster
# There are already reasonably working drivers supplied with the card, legally our responsibility stops there, think yourselves lucky we even bother updating the drivers at all.
# Anymore of these derogatory posts and we might well just flush the whole XFi/Vista64 saga to the toilet and move on.
Is Creative Labs obliged to treat even the most obnoxious of whiners with a certain level of respect, or is it refreshing to have a company actually state opinions that normally would be kept to themselves?"

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Creative Labs' Vista driver team feeling stressed?

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  • Very professional! "Hey ma, look at the redneck.", "I'd like someone to lick my ass :-)", "fuck off". Not the most polite bug reports of course, but why not just delete them instead of answering? If that is the level of response they give, perhaps they should follow the advice of one of the submitter and "just release a press statement telling all your customers how stupid thay are for purchasing your products."

    I almost bought a X-Fi card a week ago, but a quick Google turned out that there are NO working L
  • Haha, wow, someone at Creative is having a really bad day!
        "Nice, how about you suck the nuts out of my sack you son of a bitch."
    New posts and new insulting answers are appearing as I'm writing this. What a fantastic PR coup for Creative this could be. Someone should cache it as it is sure to get yanked the minute someone higher up hears of it.

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