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Submission + - Linux archive file format with redundancy record? 2

xtracto writes: Is there an Open Source program or file available under Linux which can duplicate the feature available in the RAR file of adding a "redundancy record" to the file in order to allow recovery of the file if corrupted? I need to backup a vast amount of text data (log information for a scientific experiment) and currently I am doing it by compressing the data using tar and bzip2 format and then archive it to DVDs, but I would like to add some redundancy to the files (maybe a standalone program on top of the tar-bziped files). Is there anything like that on Linux?. Note that RAR is not a choice because of the closed file format (as this is scientific data which might be available for everyone in the future).
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Linux archive file format with redundancy record?

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  • Use par2. You'll find packages like par2cmdline. They'll give you verification of an archive, and allow you to repair your archive if a certain amount of data is corrupted. You'll get a certain amount of par2 files that will provide redundancy for you.

    I don't know how well it scales for TB-sized archives, since I've only used it for things that are smaller than 10GB.

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