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TheSkepticGuy writes: Several stories are emerging that Ron Paul is doing very well in Republican straw polls, but is being neglected by mainstream news. Now we find one group of Ron Paul delegates actually being locked out of a straw poll. "The Convention center opened at 9am and was supposed to allow delegates to vote until around 1pm. At 10 am the security gaurds locked the doors and stopped anyone from entering who did not have a pre printed pass." Video and first-person account at
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Ron Paul Delegates Locked Out of Straw Poll

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  • Cobb and Badnarik, the candidates for the green and libertarian tickets, respectively, were locked out of an Arizona debate. Badnarik's name was on the Arizona state ballot along with the major party candidates, and he reasoned that since the debate was taxpayer funded, he should have a seat in it as well. A judge agreed and gave the organizers of the event a written, legally binding statement to the effect of "you are legally required to let this guy in". Armed with this, Badnarik and Cobb went into the de

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