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Submission + - NBC wanted $5 per TV show, more restrictive DRM 1

Slaine writes: More information has come to light about why Apple and NBC aren't seeing eye-to-eye on selling TV shows through iTunes (previous /.). NBC wants far more restrictive DRM, and demanded $4.99 pricing for TV shows, more than doubling the price. Apple has retaliated by refusing to sell NBC's new fall shows, even though they have a contract through the end of the year. Something tells me NBC will be regretting this decision once the new season of shows starts.
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NBC wanted $5 per TV show, more restrictive DRM

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  • DRM and $5 per show, what a rip off. All I need to hear is that NBC has no plans to pay royalties to creators for "internet" distribution that did not exist when the works were made for the greed fest to be complete.

    The difference between this and YouTube [slashdot.org] could not be stronger. YouTube has just signed an agreement which will reward artists for play, no matter who puts it up. A system like that can not work with restrictions because others would not be able to use the work and artists would not get the r

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