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Submission + - Alberto Gonzales Resigns 1

necro81 writes: The NY Times is reporting this morning that embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. Gonzales has increasingly been under attack by Congress for fishy business in the firing of several federal prosecutors and his involvement in the warrantless wiretapping program. According to the Times' source, Gonzales called the President to resign on Friday.
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Alberto Gonzales Resigns

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  • The open question, to my mind, is whether he will be pardoned. There are many questions raised by the resignation:

    - his deputy will temporarily succeed him seems obvious;
    - can anyone confirmable be found to permanently replace him?
    - will he be indicted for obstruction of justice in federal court?
    - will his contempt of Congress charges evaporate?
    - can whoever takes over solve the big problems facing credibility of the Justice dept.?

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