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Synner writes: Anti-piracy is squeezing the legitimate user once again. The new Bioshock game from 2K Studios only allows you to install the game twice, no ifs ands or buts. Even though the "Update" for the article says that 2K has replied with a solution, if you read the following forum posts, users have tried the fix and has not been confirmed to work. You might want to hurry before the thread is locked and or deleted, like so many others. This might fuel the fires of piracy, to give legitimate customers a work around until they get the official company line.
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Copy Protection Goes Too Far

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  • They can only debit my card 0 times!
    • Here is a more fleshed out article from PCGamer [] I would have used this for my original post, but I was just made aware of it, of course, after I posted.

      We have to let people know this sort of thing is going on. It's not that I'm wanting to burn down the offices of companies that do this, but the consensus is that no one even knew this was going to happen. People need to make informed decisions about their purchases and they need to know how the system works. Right now, people are in the dark on that thi

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