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Submission + - The President has a Plan... (dailykos.com) 1

lexical writes: ...to keep you from being heard. The most basic part of our democracy is to have dissent be public and open ground for discussion. We all know the president doesn't want to hear it, but did you know that he has an active plan to avoid it?

Want to stage a protest of the president? Everything you need to know about GWB's plan to get you ignored is here:
http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/8/21/17717/ 6542

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The President has a Plan...

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  • Duped into looking at the daily kos, and now my eyes are burning. The very thought that the president would attend events that were ticketed or accessed by name list...

    is absolutely Chilling. Shocking. Here it is. Absolute proof that your government would deny you're your First Amendment rights.

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