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Submission + - US school curriculum to include online safety 1

Stony Stevenson writes: The US National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has called on state leaders to work with schools and colleges to ensure that cyber-security, online safety and ethics lessons are integrated into every classroom.

From the article: "Recent legislation dubbed the No Child Left Behind Act requires students to be technology-literate on completion of the eighth grade (year nine in the UK), and the NCSA argues that children should also be taught about the dangers of the web. The NCSA is proposing cyber-awareness programmes that must incorporate the 'C3 principles' of cyber-ethics, safety and security
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US school curriculum to include online safety

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  • It's too bad that the usual "computer ethics" look like industry brainwash [] than education []. Sharing and respect for your neighbor are part of real ethics study and a good course would teach students that non free software is immoral. Sheep like obedience is what the advertisements usually promote.

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