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Submission + - The 10 Commandments for New Linux Users ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Thou shalt not log in as root. Use "sudo" or "su -" for administrative tasks. That's how it starts. The rest are at Linux Brain Dump. How does the Slashdot community feel about these commandments? Should new users adhere to these guidelines? Do you have other suggestions?
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The 10 Commandments for New Linux Users

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  • I never understood the fuss over logging in as root. You can do exactly as much damage with sudo and su, especially since the password is cached for a few minutes on most systems anyway. It's just slightly less convenient.

    I think a better rule would be: always set the TMOUT environmental variable in root's bash profile.
    • I think logging in as root is fine, as long as you do what you need to do as root and then log out. Those commandments are for new users - mostly desktop users. I don't think it's a good idea to do your day to day tasks as root.

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