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Submission + - Unforgiven: Metallica sues Red Octane, Activision, (qj.net) 1

antek9 writes: Remember Metallica? Those hairy guys that wanted to sue everyone who obtained their music minus an appropriate license? They're at it again, suing even those video game makers who legitimately licensed their music for music-centered franchises.

From the article: "[...] the counsel for Red Octane and Activision had this to say:
Our company paid a licensing fee to feature the track 'One' by Metallica in Guitar Hero III. We don't understand why Metallica would turn around and sue us, unless they've gone from insane to completely batshit insane since 2001, but we're confident that the law and our contracts will be enough to have this thrown out.

Metallica's counsel, on the other hand, explained that the band is fearful that album sales will decline because consumers can easily get hold of their songs just by purchasing video game titles. The lawyer added, "The band learned its lesson the hard way with file sharing in the late 90s. This time they want to do a pre-emptive strike before the music gets out there"."

Any lawyer using the expression 'batshit insane' is a good lawyer by default, so this should be fun.

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Unforgiven: Metallica sues Red Octane, Activision,

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  • Sorry, but this article is a hoax.

    According to HMXSean, the community forum leader for Harmonix on the official Rock Band forums, this is "In no way is this true. It is well written satire but it is very much satire." (http://www.rockband.com/vbforum/showthread.php?t= 3073&page=2)

    Likewise, the Metallica website has a front page story talking about the fact that the song is included in the video game (http://metallica.com/index.asp?item=600358), however, they have no stories about them suing Activision o

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