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allengineering writes: "There does not exist yet but American researchers already carried out an able this software — to a certain extent — to detect the puns.

"That I lay? What do I lay?" "The last word which was useful to you was: I lay." "Terry towel! Perfect..."

This small dialogue has what to make bugger a software of analysis of text. The program developed at the university of Cincinnati by Julia Taylor and Lawrence Mazlack, to determine that it is about a pun.

Taylor had the distinct task of "training" the computer by providing it with information relative to American English at a child's level. They developed an extensive list of knock-knock jokes that turn on people's names, particularly.

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Dawn who?
Dawn by the station, early in the morning

Knock, Knock
Who is there?
Wendy who?
Wendy last time you took a bath?

All bad jokes aside, their research represents a step forward in computers reaching the capability of a human mind."

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Humorous 'Robot'

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