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Endeavour's Thermal Tiles Completely Breached

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  • "This is similar to the damage that caused the Space Shuttle Columbia to break up on reentry, killing all aboard."

    Stop making stuff up that not even the media could say with a straight face.

    Endeavour's damage is a five cm chip in a tile on the bottom of the wing. Columbia's damage was a hole right through the leading edge of the wing which was big enough to stick your head through. Endeavour's damage also happens to be directly over a strut which would thermally conduct the heat away, so there wouldn't ev
    • by swokm ( 1140623 )
      While that statement may be unduly predictive, that hole will get bigger on reentry.


      Mission managers expect to decide Monday, or Tuesday at the latest, whether to send astronauts out to patch the damage.
      Can't be that bad, if they're even considering not patching it...

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