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Submission + - No change in global warming - Y2k wink wink, nudge

bob_calder writes: "Yes folks, that's what we get for getting our news third-hand. Should we buy the VHS tape of "Bloggers Gone Wild" to put on the shelf with our collection of Leonars Nimoy's "Strange and Stupid Mysteries: How the Builders of the Pyramids Caused the Ice Age"? Herewith, the final graf of the RealClimate article recounting the incident:

However, there is clearly a latent and deeply felt wish in some sectors for the whole problem of global warming to be reduced to a statistical quirk or a mistake. This lead to some truly death-defying leaping to conclusions when this issue hit the blogosphere. One of the worst examples (but there are others) was the 'Opinionator' at the New York Times (oh dear). He managed to confuse the global means with the continental US numbers, he made up a story about McIntyre having 'always puzzled about some gaps' (what?) , declared the the error had 'played havoc' with the numbers, and quoted another blogger saying that the 'astounding' numbers had been 'silently released'. None of these statements are true. Among other incorrect stories going around are that the mistake was due to a Y2K bug or that this had something to do with photographing weather stations. Again, simply false.
But what the hell. It was fun while it lasted. The rest of the article is recommended reading for those of us who are still convinced that there is a vast conspiracy of researchers who will *somehow* profit from it."
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No change in global warming - Y2k wink wink, nudge

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