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Submission + - NASA GISS finds new record warmest year 1

SleptThroughClass writes: NASA's GISS climate researchers have reexamined their temperature records and determined that the warmest recorded year in the USA was: 1938. The change was noticed by ClimateAudit and Pielke's blog. The change seems to not have been noticed by GISS, as there is no news release on their web site, so you have to look for the "U.S. Temperature" graph on this page or directly view the graph.
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NASA GISS finds new record warmest year

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  • The graph in the posting shows the difference of the average temperature (both 1-year and 5-year averages) measured versus the average temperature for all of 1951-1980. Is there some statistical sense to making this kind of graph? If you want to determine if there is a warming trend over time, do you not just plot each year's average temperature? What is going on here? What is accomplished by this graph is an excellent obfuscation of the data. You cannot get back to the average annual temperature no ma

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