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Red Cross sued for using... a red cross

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  • Johnson & Johnson must be trying to build some bad karma [wikipedia.org]. Something about going after the Red Cross [redcross.org] seems so... wrong. They may have a chance at a legal case, but if they go through with this, I'll be avoiding J&J products.

    Should the Red Cross use a fuschia cross for their branding? Or how about Johnson & Johnson use pictures of two male members instead? That way they can create a name for themselves.
    • by mark-t ( 151149 )
      Well, my understanding is they aren't suing them for money... they are just trying to get them to stop using the logo on commercial products, where J&J has legal ownership of a red cross trademark.
    • Resolutions of the Geneva International Conference. Geneva, 26-29 October 1863.
      http://www.icrc.org/IHL.nsf/52d68d14de6160e0c12563 [icrc.org] da005fdb1b/1548c3c0c113ffdfc125641a0059c537?OpenDo cument [icrc.org]

      The International Conference, desirous of coming to the aid of the wounded should the Military Medical Services prove inadequate, adopts the following Resolutions:

      Article 1...7
      Article 8. They shall wear in all countries, as a uniform distinctive sign, a WHITE ARMLET WITH A RED CROSS.
      Article 9...10

      Maybe J&J
  • Jesus will sue both companies for using his cross

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