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theodp writes: "Perhaps laying the groundwork for Sicko II, Clarian Health announced that starting in 2009, it will fine employees $10 per paycheck if their body mass index is over 30. Even slim-and-trim employees have to worry about their cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels — they'll be dinged $5 for each standard they don't meet. Smokers get a sneak preview of the policy starting next year, when they'll find $5 less in each check. Clarian credited new government HIPPAA rules that became effective July 1st for giving it the courage to follow its penalize-for-poor-health convictions."
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Penalizing for Poor Health

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  • If you haven't watched "Sicko", by Michael Moore.. watch it. I want to move to France, now. Free dental and post secondary schooling works for me! The thought of even visiting the US gives me shivers after watching that movie. (This is a Canadian speaking, by the way.)
  • I'm all for people living a healthier lifestyle, but it should be positively reinforced rather than negatively. Besides, $20/month isn't going to make someone drop all junk food and start running.

    If rising medical insurance costs are one of the primary reasons for implementing this plan, I'd suggest charging a flat rate for medical insurance and then giving discounts for those who display good health and/or health improvement (as some individuals may be genetically predisposed to higher BMI, cholesterol, e

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