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jg21 writes: According to this article in Social Computing Magazine, the increasingly widely used label Enterprise 2.0 signifies, above all, software enabling collaboration — what TFA calls "a many-to-many communication medium that creates interaction" – and therefore does *NOT* really include email, which the author characterizes as a "one-to-one communication medium ... more about instruction." What are the realistic chances that actual collaboration will become the number one form of communication in the enterprise, displacing email?
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Is There Any Room For E-Mail in 'Enterprise 2.0'?

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  • Things like Wikis, bulletin boards (forums, etc), and live collaboration channels (chatroom-esque and/or instant messaging) will probably replace e-mail for in-house communication, but I don't see e-mail going away for communicating with the outside world, nor do I see the outside world having access to internal communication channels (those I mentioned before).
    • Email won't go away. Too many things are built off of it (such a black berries, and other notification type systems). I would imagine that you would just change the interface of the email client to be more like gmail, where conversations are tracked, but take it even further and make it more like a forum itself. That would be the ideal thing imho.

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