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Submission + - Apple holds out on resellers 1

An anonymous reader writes: Anecdotal evidence from Australian consumers indicates Apple are holding back stock from their resellers, while shipping from their online store in record time. A workmate ordered a MBP 8 weeks ago from a reputable reseller who has been saying each week 'apple say they have no stock, they won't tell us when our orders will be filled', yet people ordering from the Apple online store are receiving their laptops within 1-2 business days. My workmate canceled his order on wednesday and ordered online, he just received his laptop today (friday), after phoning the reseller they still have no word on when stock will be coming through. Forum posters from around the state indicate similar issues.
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Apple holds out on resellers

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  • Apple has been screwing their resellers for a long time [even before they had Apple stores and/or the Apple Store web site]. And since Apple has opened their retail and web stores, I can't see how any of these stores manage to stay in business. Apple totally limits the amount of product that it distributes to a trickle so that they maximize their profits [as when they make a retail sale, they make all the profit normally taken by the distribution chain]. Legally, there's nothing you can do about it [if y

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