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Submission + - HP-35s calculator announced and withdrawn 1

leighklotz writes: "HP announced their 35th anniversary version of the groundbreaking HP-35 calculator on July 11th, and the New York Times featured [reg warning] it in their Circuits section today. Sadly, today was also the day that HP apparently withdrew the product to correct reported manufacturing defects. For calculator geeks, note that it has a big prominent ENTER button and reportedly features good tactile feedback. No news about the recall on HP's website..."
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HP-35s calculator announced and withdrawn

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  • Quoting the reseller web page linked to:

    NOTE: HP has temporarily pulled the sale of the 35S due to a cosmetic issue with the faceplate. We will change this notice when the calculator's sale resumes. New! Just released by HP! Begins shipping 7/23/07 (Sorry for the dissapointment to those that have already ordered. Our first shipment from HP manufacturing was delayed.)

    In other words, it was never withdrawn -- just delayed due to manufacturer's flaws. This is a non-story.

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