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Submission + - Adblock plus users "accused" of stealing ( 1

derrida writes: "There is this Firefox Add-on called Adblock plus that promises (and delivers) removal of "all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page". And there is also an ongoing debate whether this is stealing or not. Quoting two different views:
"Do you have a devise that automatically blocks all commercials on television.[?] There's a difference between ignoring commercials and blocking them." and
"My a** it is [stealing]! If your going to argue I'm taking something from you by not waiting for your ads to load, I'm going to argue you are "stealing" bandwidth.".
Going one step further some web developers released scripts that blocks Adblock (watch the oxynoron!).
How is really slashdot going to react if Adblock plus is heavily used by its readers?"

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Adblock plus users "accused" of stealing

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  • Maybe increasing number of adblock users will force Slashdot to fix the adservers?
    The ads are unobstrusive, I don't mind seeing them. I click more interesting of them. But if I see "contacting [server name]" on non-adblock PC while the page has long loaded on FF with Adblock, it takes less to google adblock plus, visit its webpage, install it and restart Firefox than to load 10 pages of Slashdot without it.

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