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Operating Systems

Submission + - How many files does a modern OS really need? 2

mopomi writes: I'm setting up a home-office for my SO. Part of the company's requirement for the home-office is that the computer have an anti-virus package installed (because it will be connected directly to their network via a VPN). Since we don't like to use Windows for day-to-day work, we're running the VPN and remote display software under Suse 10.1. To be technically compliant with the AV requirement, I found and installed software from a big-name AV vendor (company is irrelevant). Last night I ran the AV scan on the entire system (bar /proc and /dev). This includes the Windows XP partition that is used for gaming.

The software scanned nearly three million files (with no positives!). My (somewhat rhetorical) question: Why are there so many files on modern operating systems? is every file necessary? is every tenth? how much of this is cruft?
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How many files does a modern OS really need?

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  • Suse, as many Linux distros, comes with a lot more than the OS. Besides the OS proper you'll probably want at least the window manager, the windowing toolkit, the X server, and utility programs.

    You probably also want some applications, and the major distros all include many of those. You can install more office applications, text formatters, PIMs, browsers, email clients, and solitaire games than you'd ever really want if you're not careful.

    Add in server software (web, DB, SMTP, POP, IMAP, print, etc -- mos

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