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The Living Fractal writes: "So I'm reading Century Rain, a great SF book by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds, and at about page 80 or so I stumble onto a hidden Slashdot reference. Reynolds' character "Niagara" runs a finger diagonally across his chest then 'dots' next to the slash, then goes on to talk about a community of progressive thinkers on one of the earliest computer networks (today's internet) who eventually founded his society. They're even called Slashers! Maybe old news to some of you, but a nice surprise for me nevertheless.
Does anyone else have /. easter eggs they've found that they can share with us?"
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Slashdot References in Popular Culture?

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  • I was reading some sci-fi book recently (might even have been a Alastair Reynolds one as I was reading some of his work around then) that actually mentioned slashdot in a near future setting. One of the characters is a celebrity but likes to keep a low profile, and someone spots him sitting in a restaurant. The character comments that he noticed the way the guy was looking at him and then sort of zoned out, so he checks slashdot on a suspicion and finds out the guy just made a post about spotting the charac

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