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Submission + - Google Changes Background Color To Save Energy 6

i_like_spam writes: Commentary at Nature Climate Change describes an on-going debate about the energy savings associated with the background colors used by high-traffic websites such as Google and the NYTimes. Some back of the envelope calculations have suggested energy savings of 750 Megawatt hours per year if Google switched their background from white to black. Google responded by creating Blackle. Other calculations by the Wall Street Journal, however, suggest minimal energy savings. Who is right in this debate? And, should designers also consider potential energy savings when choosing colors for their websites?
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Google Changes Background Color To Save Energy

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  • Better yet, Read the page: "© 2007 Heap Media" Obviously NOT created by Google as suggested in the summary.
    • RIGHT you are. Thanks for the pointing out the error (and thanks for your cordial tone).
      • Ok, so upon further review...The article says "And so, with the help of Heap Media, Google created a black version of its search engine." Nowhere on Blackle does it actually say that. That's mysterious. I would think Google would want their name on it if they helped make it. Perhaps they just support the effort by allowing the use of their engine? Strange...
        • Yeah, the article is a little misleading. It looks like Google supported the project, but did not create it.

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